This stunning California native, now calls sunny Key West, Florida her home. She is a prominent figure on Florida’s beautiful beaches. This dynamic model spends her time in Florida just soaking in the sun.  Aviannah achieved the esteemed title of Royal Duchess of Sealand, UK. Her vibrant presence has made her a standout in the world of social media. Known for her passion for fitness, football, and fast cars, Aviannah is an atomic blonde sensation who captivates all those around her. With her toned physique, sassy personality, and eye-catching tattoos, she is impossible to miss. Get to know the woman at the center of the social media spotlight, featured on your favorite websites and magazines.


Aviannah has been featured in several well-known magazine publications since 2018, including Playboy, Hustler, FHM, and MAXIM. Her work has also been showcased in reputable magazines such as Hustler, Modele, Dezire, MOLL, Lifestyle for HIM, Mark, Knockerz, Unravel, FitGlam, and Babe Watch.

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AviannahÉlise Elizabeth Horton, born in Los Angeles, CA on May 12th, 1987, had an unconventional start to life. Born almost two months premature during a family vacation, Aviannah faced early challenges. Following her parents’ divorce at a young age, she decided to live with her mother in La Jolla, California. After graduating from high school and coming of age, Aviannah embarked on a journey across Southern California to explore all that the state had to offer.

Aviannah, at the age of 14, began her career as a hand and feet model, thanks to her impeccably structured limbs, elongated nail beds, and symmetrical toes. Her exquisite feet made her the epitome of beauty. In 2004, Aviannah made her first appearance as a prominent feature model in Sky Mall Magazine, captivating readers with her talent for playing chess. This marked the beginning of an illustrious modeling career for Aviannah at the age of sweet 17.

Following her 18th birthday, Aviannah developed a strong affinity towards women, setting the stage for a significant change in her life. Even while completing high school, she embarked on her journey by filming her initial Girl/Girl scene, which TNVGirls later released after graduation. Aviannah embarked on a new chapter in her career with the pivotal moment of portraying Emma in her very first film, and also taking on the character of Lauren in other films. This marked a significant milestone for her professional journey.

From 2005 to 2008, Aviannah had the opportunity to work with many women in front of the camera, but never once performed with a male. However, she made a splash when she decided to leave the industry in 2008. It wasn’t until September 2014 that her desire to be back in front of the camera resurfaced. She was approached by Brazzers for a short contract to debut her first Boy/Girl scene. Initially hesitant, after careful consideration, she was ready to take on this new challenge and return as a star in the studio. This marked her triumphant comeback into the adult industry and ignited plans for her relocation to Los Angeles. Aviannah’s first Boy/Girl scene was filmed alongside BRAZZER’s very own Keiran Lee as Payton, catapulting her into fame.

In February 2015, following the completion of her contract, Aviannah rapidly rose to fame by collaborating with acclaimed studio AIREROSE, which was recently honored with AVN’s “Best New Imprint” Award and XBIZ’s “Best New Studio” in 2015. She made her debut as Payton in her first Boy/Girl DVD released by AIREROSE in May 2015. Aviannah’s television appearances started with the highly popular “Baby Got Boobs” series from Brazzers, followed by another notable appearance in the “Tonight’s Girlfriend” series from Naughty America as Payton. Before temporarily stepping out of the limelight, she worked with companies such as Naughty America, Tonight’ sGirlfriend, Hustler, Elegant Angel, Reality Kings, ATKingdom and Zero Tolerance. Subsequently, she took both the Fitness Industry and Instagram by storm.

During the remainder of 2015 and throughout 2017, Aviannah achieved a remarkable physical transformation and left her career in pornography behind. Despite facing numerous challenges from fans and individuals who seemed determined to impede her progress, Aviannah persevered. She made several attempts to distance herself from her past by changing her name on multiple occasions in order to establish a new image unrelated to her previous work in the adult film industry. However, she eventually realized that this endeavor had become increasingly unattainable. Consequently, she decided to embrace her own sexuality and accept herself for who she truly is.

During the middle of 2016, Aviannah was actively training for a WBFF Fitness Show when she suddenly fell seriously ill, requiring immediate treatment. To her dismay, she discovered that her liver and kidneys were failing as a result of consuming faulty supplements. Despite facing numerous hospital visits and undergoing extensive treatment, Aviannah refused to surrender to her circumstances. In December 2016, she was placed on the transplant list for a double organ transplant: liver and kidneys. Simultaneously continuing with her medical care, Aviannah’s body eventually started to respond positively to stem cell therapy. After an arduous ten-month struggle, Aviannah triumphantly reclaimed her life at home alongside her loving husband, three dogs, and cat.

After regaining her composure in early 2019, Aviannah slowly reentered the world of modeling. Although she received offers for paid sponsorships, she turned them down as she wasn’t yet ready to fully commit. Throughout the year, she continued to shoot and traveled extensively to capture unique backgrounds for her images. In a surprising turn of events, Moll Magazine recognized Aviannah’s talent and awarded her the prestigious title of Ms. November. To top it off, she graced the cover of the magazine, an extraordinary achievement for someone who had just returned to the industry. Expressing her disbelief and gratitude on Instagram, Aviannah shared that this experience made her feel accepted once again, regardless of her past involvement in the adult industry.

In December 2019, Aviannah made her debut on the cover and quickly gained attention, going viral. This led to an incredible opportunity when she was approached by Playboy Croatia Issue to feature on their first Playboy Cover! Not only that but Aviannah was also named Playmate of the Month in Croatia and awarded the prestigious Ms. Winter Title. It was a perfect fit for her to be on the cover alongside a beautiful Christmas tree, symbolizing her as the Gift of the Year.

As we moved into 2020, it became clear that this would be an exceptional year for Aviannah. In January, she graced the cover of Dezire Magazine with remarkable success from a test shoot that exceeded all expectations. This caught the eye of MAXIM Australia, known worldwide for featuring models with a particular body type. However, Aviannah broke barriers by being chosen as their first heavily tattooed model. Aviannah’s rise in the modeling world has been nothing short of meteoric as she continues to make waves in renowned international publications. Her unique style and confidence have propelled her to new heights and set her apart from traditional beauty standards. We eagerly await what else The Year of Aviannah will bring as she leaves an indelible mark on the industry.

In February 2020, MAXIM New Zealand featured Aviannah in their magazine, which is available both online and in print. Within a short span of two months, she was published twice in MAXIM Magazine. Shortly after its release, Playboy Africa showcased Aviannah on its cover, earning her the prestigious title of Playmate of The Month once again. This marks her second Playmate title within three months! Aviannah’s success continued as she graced the cover of MODELE Magazine for their Valentine’s Day issue released on February 14th. This publication counts as her seventh appearance in just four months. She has also completed test shoots for FHM Sweden and Australia while based in Los Angeles. With such achievements under her belt, Aviannah strives to reach the pinnacle of the modeling world.

In March 2020, the world witnessed a dramatic shift as the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus began to spread. Despite this challenging time, Aviannah’s achievements have continued to shine. She graced the cover of FitGlam Magazine and was featured in FHM Sweden, marking her first publication with FHM. With great anticipation, Aviannah looks forward to what FHM Australia has in store for its May issue. In a candid Instagram post, she humorously shared her decision to pose nude, playfully suggesting that she had exhausted her collection of outfits. As April unfolded, Aviannah once again captivated readers as she appeared on the cover of Babe Watch Magazine in a stunning black bikini.

Aviannah was featured in Lifestyle for Him Magazine’s April issue, where she was recognized as a Royal Duchess to Sealand, UK. With her new title of Duchess AviannahÉlise Elizabeth Horton Sealand-Windsor, Aviannah made quite an impression. In May, just before her 33rd birthday, she graced the covers of Unravel Magazine and FHM Australia for their May 2020 editions. As her fame grew and she reached the pinnacle of her life, a nightmare began to unfold. Aviannah bravely revealed that she was being extorted over her past in the adult entertainment industry and decided that it was time to live life on her own terms. She boldly stated that she would no longer be defined by others and would express herself freely because.

In late May 2020, Aviannah received a prestigious nomination for the cover of Markz and Knockerz Magazines for the June 2020 Edition. Excitingly, she has also been invited to submit her photos for consideration by PLAYBOY for August PLAYMATE OF THE MONTH. Aviannah is beginning to seek opportunities that allow her to explore a more provocative side, as evidenced by AVN News publishing a press release about her. However, she remains committed to supporting other models in their journeys towards success and recognition. Without a doubt, Aviannah’s presence on OnlyFans will undoubtedly attract even more fans.

During the period from July to October 2020, Aviannah experienced consecutive features in notable PLAYBOY publications. She graced the cover of Playboy New Zealand, donning a stunning Gold Bikini, and also made captivating appearances in Playboy Australia and Playboy Denmark in September 2020. In a recent interview, Aviannah courageously shared her journey of overcoming fear and embracing her past. She expressed that she is no longer hiding or succumbing to extortion tactics.

Aviannah has had a remarkable journey in the adult industry. She has graced the pages and covers of renowned magazines like Playboy and FHM. In September 2021, she had the opportunity to work with the legendary Ariella Ferrera on a Girl/Girl scene for BRAZZER’s famous set. Aviannah cherished this experience, calling it “an experience of a lifetime.” Despite facing challenges, including a halt on her content by OnlyFans for an extensive audit that lasted for seven months.

She created, which became one of the pioneering platforms allowing fans to book scenes with their favorite stars. Through her determination and innovation, Aviannah became known as the Queen of Fan Filmed Content. Although she faced significant losses amounting to over $1,000,000 due to OnlyFans’ policy changes, became the primary avenue through which she shared her content with her devoted members. Within just one year since its launch, Aviannah garnered a loyal following with over 2,000 members who eagerly enjoy watching her interact with fans who resemble them.

She has gained recognition for her exceptional fan-filming abilities. From Los Angeles to New York City, she has traveled extensively and captured unforgettable moments with her fans. The increasing demand for her services has kept her schedule fully booked, which she greatly appreciates. Aviannah’s passion for both traveling and connecting with her fans is so profound that she dedicates half of the year to this endeavor. In May 2022, she took a significant step forward by launching AVIPASS NETWORK, a collection of websites designed to empower models of all genders (male, female, trans) by liberating them from the limitations imposed by existing pay sites. By breaking away from conventionality, they now have the freedom to share content that truly expresses their individuality.

In June 2022, Aviannah encountered a series of unfortunate events when a tropical storm caused severe flooding in her Miami, FL home. As a result, she was compelled to find alternate accommodations while her house underwent extensive restoration to return it to its original state. Aviannah spends a significant amount of time at home, dedicating her attention to her spouse and her four dogs and cat. She is particularly attentive to Russell, her oldest dog who is now dealing with diabetes. Aviannah’s commitment to being present for Russell during this challenging time has led her to develop a supportive network of fans in Florida with whom she can collaborate on filming projects, allowing her to remain close while caring for her beloved pet.

In December 2022, Aviannah had the privilege of receiving a beautiful new smile from renowned dentist Dr. Pipe Villabona. The veneers provided were stunning, with a vibrant white color that enhanced her natural beauty. Aviannah had the opportunity to spend New Year’s in New York City with her family. It was a special moment for her as she witnessed the ball drop for the first time in her life. Life seemed perfect for Aviannah, returning to her luxurious Mansion and settling back into normalcy.

However, in March 2023, Aviannah’s world took a heartbreaking turn when her beloved dog Russell began experiencing seizures. The first seizure occurred right in Aviannah’s arms, leaving her devastated. She knew that Russell’s time on this earth was limited, and she made the difficult decision to put aside most of her obligations aside to be with him.

Even in situations where she faced potential legal consequences, Aviannah prioritized being at home with her family and providing comfort to Russell during his final days. Eventually, in May 2023, Russell passed away due to congestive heart failure at the age of 12. It took Aviannah quite some time to emotionally recover and find the strength to return to work. The loss of Russell deeply impacted her, but she persevered through the pain and started rebuilding her life one step at a time.

In late July 2023, Aviannah embarked on her first tour in Boston, MA, after overcoming the loss of her senior dog. The tour was a tremendous success, with all 15 slots booked before Aviannah even arrived. The level of support and love she received was beyond anything she could have imagined. Being able to travel again and film with her devoted fans brought her immense joy. In August 2023, Aviannah took a new step and opened up the opportunity for fans to book personal meet-ups with her. These intimate gatherings allowed her to connect with fans on a more personal level over dinner, cocktails, or even just a cup of coffee. It was an incredible experience for Aviannah to get to know her fans one-on-one and forge deeper connections.

Aviannah’s decision to expand her portfolio by submitting new photo sets to PLAYBOY and FHM Magazine in September displays her ambition and determination to further her career. By branching out to different publications, she aims to reach a wider audience and establish herself as an ideal woman in the eyes of her fans.

Despite her demanding schedule, which involved 27 days of travel over the past two months, Aviannah managed to film over 35 scenes. This impressive achievement speaks to her dedication and work ethic. With over 600 scenes in her collection awaiting release, she continues to add to her extensive body of work.

Aviannah’s compassionate nature is evident in her decision to welcome a French bulldog puppy named Lana into her life in early October. This choice indicates her love for animals and her desire to provide a caring and nurturing environment for her furry friends. Weighing just 8lbs, Lana adds a new dimension of companionship and love to Aviannah’s life.

Overall, Aviannah’s recent endeavors highlight her drive for success, her dedication to her fans, and her caring nature towards animals. Her continued growth and achievements in the industry are a testament to her passion and hard work.